European Regional Focal Point for Animal Genetic Resources (ERFP)

The European Regional Focal Point for Animal Genetic Resources (ERFP) is the regional platform to support the in situ and ex situ conservation and sustainable use of animal genetic resources and to facilitate the implementation of FAO's Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources in Europe.

  • 22.07.2014 -

    Joint meeting for the further development of EUGENA

    On 2nd July 2014 there has been a joint meeting of the ERFP Working Group on Ex situ Conservation and the ERFP Task Force on Access and Benefit Sharing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The main topic was the further development of the European Genebank Network for Animal Genetic Resources (EUGENA). Furthermore there have been separate meetings of the two groups to discuss group internal items. (more)[more]

  • 16.06.2014 -

    Venue of the ERFP Assembly Meeting 2014 fixed

    The 20th ERFP Assembly Meeting will be held on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th August 2014 in The Danish AgriFish Agency, Nyropsgade 30, 1780 Copenhagen V, Denmark. ERFP very much appreciates that the Danish Agency will provide their facilities for the Assembly. While all participants are welcome to make their own arrangements for accommodation along the ERFP terms, the ERFP-Secretariat is currently seeking to make reservations in appropriate hotels near the Agency. The National Coordinators will be informed about such hotel reservations as soon as possible. [more]

  • 27.03.2014 -

    Regional Progrees Report on the implementation of the GPA

    The FAO asked for the preparation of a regional progress report on the implementation of the Global Plan of Action. The ERFP Steering Committee created an answer and consulted it with the National Coordinators. [more]