• 27.03.2014 -

    Regional Progrees Report on the implementation of the GPA

    The FAO asked for the preparation of a regional progress report on the implementation of the Global Plan of Action. The ERFP Steering Committee created an answer and consulted it with the National Coordinators. [more]

  • 20.01.2014 -

    Reminder: ERFP Assembly Meeting 2014

    The 20th ERFP Assembly Meeting will be held on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th August 2014 following to the 65th annual meeting of the European Federation for Animal Science (EAAP) in Copenhagen, Denmark.[more]

  • 13.12.2013 -

    Reminder: ERFP Secretariat Tender

    During the last ERFP Assembly Meeting in Nantes (France) the Assembly decided that the tender for the ERFP Secretariat is now opened. If an institution is interested in taking over the ERFP Secretariat, it needs to send the application documents through the National Coordinator for AnGR until 31st December 2013 to the current ERFP Secretariat. (tender procedure)[more]

  • 12.12.2013 -

    Final Project Workshop "SUBSIBREED", 22nd/23rd November 2013 in Bled, Slovenia

    On 22nd/ 23rd November 2013 the Final Workshop of the ERPF project "Proper way of supports for endangered livestock breeds - SUBSIBREED" was held in Bled, Slovenia. the main topic on the agenda was the work on the project report. (more)[more]

  • 09.12.2013 -

    New label for autochthonous breeds in Spain

    The Department for Agriculture, Food and Environment has approved a new Royal Decree  that regulates the use of this logo "autochthonous breed" in animal products, in Spain. Nowadays, the first specification for the use of the logo has been approved. It belongs to "Retinta", an autochthonous cattle breed. more information[more]

  • 11.10.2013 -

    Application for "Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)" for Blanc-Bleu Belge planned

    The University of Glembloux, on behalf of Agrofont, has prepared an application for a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for the cattle breed "Blanc-Bleu Belge". Agrofront is an union of three Belgian farmers associations. If they are succesful with their request, they hope to get financial support from the EU for the marketing of their products.Another possibility is to apply for a Protected Destination of Origin (PDO). In September 2013 the German cattle breed "Limpurger" was registered in the PDO for "Weideochse vom Limpurger Rind".(more) [more]

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