List of Meetings

ERFP Assembly

Since 2001, an annual meeting of the Assembly of the European National Coordinators for Animal Genetic Resources has been organised by ERFP usually in connection to the annual conference of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP).


The Member States of ERFP are represented in the Assembly by National Coordinators who are nominated by the respective Ministry. The Assembly is the main decision making body of ERFP.


The annual meeting consists of:

  • presentation of results produced by the Working Groups, Task Forces and Ad hoc actions;
  • exchange of information on relevant national and sub-regional activities;
  • decision on the organisational and general functions within ERFP;
  • discussion on and adoption of MYPOW with prioritised areas and respective budget allocation for the Working Groups, Task Forces and Ad hoc actions in the coming years;
  • approval of the annual report and the account for the previous year;
  • approval of annual programme and budget for the coming year;
  • election of the members and chair of the Steering Committee and auditors;
  • every four years, election of the Secretariat for a 4-years period.