68th annual meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science

The 68th EAAP annual meeting was held in Tallinn, Estonia 2017 from Monday, 28th to Friday, 1st of September 2017 at Nordea Concert Hall, Tallinn. Session 3 of the annual meeting was proposed by the EAAP working group on AnGR, ERFP and FAO. Session on AnGR with the title: Effective population size as a tool for the management of animal genetic resources.  Below presentations were kindly provided by presenters:


August 29th August

Juan Pablo Gutiérrez, Invited
“The effective population size: difficulties of practical interpretation”

Jack Windig
“Long term survival and management of populations with small effective population size “

Harmen P. Doekes
“Changes in genetic diversity over time in the Dutch Holstein Friesian genome”

Sowah Addo
“Use of genealogical information in the assessment of genetic diversity in native cattle breeds”

Gregoire Leroy
“Impact of conservation schemes on genetic variability”

Jesús Fernández
“Current effective population size estimated from genomic data in a turbot aquaculture population”

Mojca Simčič
“Population structure and genetic diversity of Bovec sheep from Slovenia – preliminary results”

Grazyna Polak
“Genetic resources conservation of two local population of Central European honeybee in Poland”