ERFP Secretariat

The election of the Secretariat is carried out by the Assembly for a 4-years period. A re-election for a maximum of a second 4-years period is possible.

Tasks of the ERFP Secretariat are:

  • to distribute relevant information on AnGR and to facilitate communication among the NCs
  • to communicate with the Global Focal Point at FAO and other regional focal points
  • to give secretarial support to the Assembly of the NCs and to organise its Annual Meeting
  • to give secretarial support to the SC
  • to execute decisions made by the Assembly and the SC
  • to support the Working Groups, Task Forces and Ad hoc actions such as the ERFP-funded projects as appropriate
  • to be responsible for the financial management of the ERFP budget
  • to provide technical and financial reports on a regular basis
  • to maintain and update the ERFP website
  • to publish the ERFP newsletter


The current ERFP Secretariat is located at:

University of Ljubljana
Biotechnical Faculty
Department of Animal Science
Jamnikarjeva 101
SI-1000 Ljubljana


Danijela Bojkovski (Head of Secretariat)

phone: +386 1 320 39 95
fax     : +386 1 724 10 05
email :

Mojca Simcic

phone: +386 1 320 39 13
fax     : +386 1 724 10 05


Gasan Osojnik

phone: +386 1 320 3861
fax     : +386 1 724 10 05